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6 Ways a Mobile Notary Near You Can Change Your Life

Updated: Jul 10, 2023


A mobile notary public is just like a regular notary, but on wheels. They have all the same credentials as a regular notary, but with the added benefit of reaching you anywhere. A regular notary, on the other hand, usually works for a company and stops working once the company closes for the day. Many companies close around 5pm. So, it can be hard to get off work in time to get your documents notarized if you’re relying on regular notaries. Not to mention, those people are usually busy with other tasks, as their main role isn’t to notarize. In fact, they may not even be up to date with the most current notary laws, potentially putting you at risk since it’s only a side task for them.

Booking an appointment with a mobile notary can truly be a game-changer! Here are 6 ways a mobile notary can change your life today.

1. A Mobile Notary saves you way more time!

  • You can schedule your notarization in advance, skipping waiting in line or potentially showing up somewhere when the notary is out of office. A mobile notary is dedicated to just you. Therefore, all distractions are gone and the signing gets done faster.

2. A Mobile Notary helps you avoid traffic, long drives, & protects you from potential car wrecks!

  • The traffic in Nashville and other major cities can be crazy. Every day thousands of people across the country wreck their cars and even end up seriously injured. Using a mobile notary avoids this unfortunate problem. Set up an appointment and a mobile notary will drive to your home, office, or local coffee shop. Anywhere with a solid surface can serve as a place to get your notarization.

3. A Mobile Notary works around YOUR schedule vs. the other way around (like other notaries…).

  • Mobile notaries are by nature a flexible service. For example, at NNN, your convenience is our priority and your schedule matters. Stuck at work until 6pm? No problem. Need someone to meet you on your limited lunch break? Can do. Rather put it off to the weekend while you’re relaxing by the pool? Great, we’ll make sure to wear sunscreen!

4. A Mobile Notary has way better hours!

  • Mobile notaries usually work extended hours and some even work 24/7. At NNN, we have accommodating hours, too. We work from 9:30a to 8:30p Monday through Saturday and even work on Sundays from 9:30a to 2:30p.

5. You can wear your sweat pants & house shoes and still get your documents notarized with a Mobile Notary!

  • Similar to other travel services like DoorDash, Grubhub, etc., Mobile Notaries come to you. Most clients prefer them to come to their home, as it’s easiest. Keep your sweats on and there’s no need to take off your fuzzy slippers. It only takes a few minutes at your table to get your documents notarized and then you can return to your favorite show.

6. You don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest!

  • One of the problems other institutions run into when notarizing documents is a conflict of interest. There are certain documents they may not be allowed to notarize and others they may not be trained/qualified to notarize. A Mobile Notary is a completely unbiased and neutral witness to your signature and notarization. The only documents they can’t notarize are for family members.

So, there you have it. Mobile notaries have all the benefits of regular notaries plus quite a few more. Check out the services we offer below and remember us the next time you have to get something notarized.

Until next time.


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