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How Online Notary Appointments Work To Increase Your Convenience ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿ’ป

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Sometimes you just can't get away from your home or office when you need a notary. And for many reasons you may not want a mobile notary coming to you. You may be sick and don't want to spread it to anyone. Or maybe your home is a little less than spotless and you rather not have anyone see it just yet. Maybe you're out of the country or traveling between states. Or maybe you simply don't want to see anyone that day! We've all been there...

Using an online notary is the next step in convenience that NNN offers. An RON, or Remote Online Notary, is specially commissioned to provide the same great mobile notary services to you via your computer. As long as you have an internet connection, functioning camera, and clear audio, you are ready to get started!

At NNN, we partner with a third party site that uses encryption technology to make sure your identity and any personal information discussed is safe, as required by the state of TN. You do not have to be in TN to use our online notary, though. In fact, you can access this quality online notary service anywhere in the world. As long as we are in TN, where our online notary state commission is, we can notarize your documents (excluding I-9s, Real Estate Closings, and Marriages). So, how does this work?

Online Notarization Steps:

  1. Request to book your appointment

  2. Pay and gather your ID of choice

  3. Scan and email a PDF of your document(s) to us at

  4. Receive an email invitation from our notary to join the online notary session

  5. Verify your identity through the host site (KBA)

  6. Click and sign your documents

  7. The Online Notary places their digital seal

  8. You are emailed a PDF of your completed document

Extra steps are used when meeting with an online notary to make sure your identification is verified in order to prevent fraud. Because you are not in front of the notary, the host site uses KBA or Knowledge Based Authentication to "identity proof." Identity proofing is the process by which the identity of an individual is affirmed by a third party through review of public and proprietary data sources.

Here's how KBA via a third party site works:

  1. The principal must answer a quiz consisting of a minimum of five (5) questions related to the principalโ€™s personal history or identity, formulated from public and proprietary data sources;

  2. Each question must have a minimum of five (5) possible answer choices;

  3. At least 80% of questions must be answered correctly;

  4. All questions must be answered within two (2) minutes;

  5. If the principal fails in his or her first attempt, the principal may retake the quiz one time within 24 hours;

  6. During the second attempt, a minimum of 60% of the prior questions must be replaced; and

  7. If the principal fails in his or her second attempt, the principal is not permitted to retry with the same online notary public for a period of 24 hours.

We do have the technology! And it's making it even more convenient and easy to not only type "mobile notary near me" or "Nashville notary" in order to locate one, but it's revolutionizing the entire process via online notary services. The next time you require a mobile notary but are not prepared for company, book with us and set up a remote online notary appointment, instead!

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